Kristine Evans

Kristine Evans is an artist, illustrator and educator creating narrative-image work. She is available as an advisor to Art Practice and Graphic Design students. 30-minute Appointment: Wednesdays from 9am–1pm Kris will be advising via zoom: or a phone call via Google Voice

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Kate is the Associate Director and Professor of Graphic Design and is happy to help you navigate your way through the exciting (and sometimes confusing) world of internships & jobs, graphic design classes, and connecting with the community both inside and outside the School of Art + Design. Kate's office is located in the Art Building in the Art Office, 110A. Drop-In Advising: Mondays from 12:00–1:00pm 30-minute Appointment: Mondays from 10:00am–12:00pm Kate is happy to meet people in person: Art Office, 110A or via zoom:

Briar Levit

Briar Levit is a print designer focusing on book and publication design. She is the area coordinator for Graphic Design and an advisor for design students. Her office is in the Art Building, Room 121. Drop-In Advising: Wednesdays 11–12pm 30-minute Appointment: Tuesdays 11am–1pm Briar happy to meet in person or via Zoom: AB 121

Meredith James

Meredith James is an advisor for Graphic Design students. Her area of focus is centered around research and theory. Her office is in the Art Building, Room 154C (in the Art Annex). Drop-In Advising: Mondays 2–3pm 30-minute Appointment: Mondays 9:30–11:30am Meredith will be advising via Zoom:

Thom Hines

Thom Hines specializes in Interaction Design and is an advisor for Graphic Design students and Sophomore Portfolio Review. His office is in the Art Annex, Room 155. Drop-In Advising: Tuesdays 1–2pm 30-minute Appointment: Tuesdays 2–4pm Thom will be advising via Zoom:

Sean Schumacher

Sean (he/they) teaches courses in Graphic Design including Show & Tell, Digital Page Design, and co-teaches A+D Projects. Sean co-coordinates the Sophomore Portfolio Review and is happy to answer questions or offer feedback on projects, particularly layout and type-driven work. 30-minute Appointments: Tuesdays 11:30am–1:30pm Drop-In Advising (no RSVP required): Mondays & Wednesdays 12:00–12:30pm Sean will be advising fully online via Zoom here:

Isabel Bo-Linn

Isabel teaches courses in Graphic Design and is an advisor for Graphic Design students. Her research interests include visual essays, speculative design/tech, and interaction design. AB 122 Drop-In Advising: Thursdays from 1:30–2:30pm 30-minute Appointment: Tuesdays from 1–3pm Isabel is happy to meet in person: AB 122 or on Zoom at

Carmen Ripolles

Carmen Ripollés teaches courses on Northern Renaissance and Baroque art, Spanish Baroque art, and Latin American art of the colonial period. Her research focuses on the art of the Hispanic World during the early modern period, with special attention to its social functions, global intersections, and connections to material culture. Her work has appeared in Emblematica, Renaissance Quarterly, Oxford Bibliographies, Reales Sitios, Sixteenth Century Journal, and the Boletín del Museo del Prado. She is currently completing a book on Portuguese painter Josefa de Óbidos for the series “Illuminating Women Artists: Renaissance and Baroque” (Lund Humphries) Drop-In Advising: Tuesdays 12–1pm Zoom or In-Person AB 310H 30-minute Appointment: Thursdays 12–2pm Zoom:

Alberto McKelligan-Hernandez

Alberto McKelligan-Hernadez research interests include modern and contemporary art from Latin America, particularly Mexico, as well as the development of feminist art in different geographic contexts. Drop-In Advising: Thursdays from 1–2pm 30-minute Appointment: Thursdays from 2–4pm Alberto will be advising via Zoom:

Anne McClanan

Professor McClanan teaches western medieval and Byzantine art history as well as within the digital humanities. AB 310B Drop-In Advising: Mondays 8:00–9:00am 30-minute Appointment: Mondays 9:00–11:00am Anne will be advising via Zoom:

Jesse Locker

Jesse Locker teaches Italian Renaissance & Baroque art. He is an advisor for Art History students. His office is in the Art Building, Room 310A. Drop-In Advising: Tuesdays 12–1pm In-Person AB 310A 30-minute Appointment: Mon/Wed 2–3pm Jesse will be advising via zoom:

Junghee Lee

Junghee Lee teaches Asian Art History and is an advisor for Art History students. Her office is in 310F. Drop-In Advising: Tuesdays 2–3pm 30-minute Appointment: Thursdays 2–3pm Junghee will be advising in person 310F

Kiara Hill

Kiara Hill teaches the History of Social Practice and courses on African-American Art History. Drop-In Advising: Tuesdays from 12:00–1:00pm 30-minute Appointment: Tuesdays 1:00–3:00pm Kiara will be advising via Zoom:

Erik Geschke

Erik Geschke is a sculptor. He advises BFA students and Art Practice students with a focus in sculpture. His office is in FMH 214. Drop-In Advising: Tuesdays from 11am–12pm 30-minute Appointment: Tuesdays 9–11am Erik will be advising via zoom:

Alison Heryer

Alison Heryer is an interdisciplinary artist whose work combines dress, performance, and social practice. Drop-In Advising: Tues/Thurs 12–12:30pm 30-minute Appointment: Tues/Thurs 12:30–1:30pm Alison will be advising in person at FMH 207

Julie Perini

Julie Perini is a video artist teaching video art courses. She is an advisor for Art Practice undergraduates and she coordinates the Time Arts minor. Her office is located in FMH 213. Drop-In Advising: Tuesdays 5–6pm In-Person FMH 213 30-minute Appointment: Tuesdays 12–2pm Zoom:

Taravat Talepasand

Taravat Talepasand is an artist, activist, and educator whose labor-intensive interdisciplinary painting practice questions normative cultural behaviors within contemporary power imbalances. As an Iranian-American woman, Talepasand explores the cultural taboos that reflect on gender and political authority. Her approach to figuration reflects the cross-pollination, or lack thereof, in our Western Society. I look forward to hearing from you and welcome conversations that pertain to your education endeavors in the BFA program and Art Practice. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat and be advised to discuss ideas further. Here to hold space and be present anyway that I can. FMH 253A Drop-In Advising: Wednesdays from 2:30–3:30pm 30-minute Appointment: Wednesdays 10–11:30am Taravat is happy to meet in person at FMH 253A and/or Zoom:

Kat Richards

Kat, (they/them) loves print media and uses printmaking and technology as a means to delve into queer themes, narratives, archives, and interdisciplinary practices. They are a new faculty and still learning how to best advise Art Practice students. Kat is happy to answer all Printmaking Area related questions during office hours. Their office is in Shattuck Hall, Office 151 (in the print shop). Drop-In Advising: Wednesdays from 2–3pm 30-minute Appointment: Wednesdays 1–2pm Kat will be advising in-person SH 151 (print shop)

Emily Fitzgerald

Emily Fitzgerald is a socially engaged artist, photographer, storyteller, and educator. I am advising Art Practice and MFA students. Please reach out and I will do my best to listen, be present, and guide you in the right direction. My office is in FMH 210. Please schedule at least 24 hours ahead of time. Drop-In Advising: Thursdays 1–2pm 30-minute Appointment: Wednesdays 12–2pm Emily will be advising via Zoom:

Michelle Illuminato

M. Michelle Illuminato is a socially-engaged artist who creates books, sculptures, and events. She is the Associate Professor and Coordinator MFA Art + Social Practice. Please schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Drop-In Advising: Thursdays from 1–2pm 30-minute Appointment: Wednesdays from 12–2pm Michelle will be advising via zoom:

Lisa Jarrett

**Lisa is on Sabbatical and will not be advising this year** Lisa Jarrett is an advisor for Graduate students in the Art + Social Practice MFA program. Her office is in the Art Building, Room 123.

Stephen Lee

**Stephen is on Sabbatical and will not be advising this year** Stephen Lee is a designer and educator with experience in brand, motion, and interactive design. Past clients include AT&T, Gatorade, Google, IBM, and Nike. He has taught at a number of institutions both within the United States and abroad in India, Mexico, Spain, and Peru. He received an MFA in Graphic Design and Integrated Media from CalArts.

Harrell Fletcher

**Harrell is on leave for this year and will not be advising** Harrell Fletcher is the Director and advisor for the Art & Social Practice MFA program. His office is in the Art Building, Room 310J.