Portland State University: School of Art + Design

Welcome to our online booking system! Juniors, seniors and current or prospective MFA students can book advising appointments here. Freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students should contact arts.advising@pdx.edu or check out the College of the Arts Advising pages on their website to request appointments.

To reserve a time here, you must book an appointment at least an hour in advance. Select an advisor and time slot, and enter your name, telephone number and email address. If you are a current PSU student, PLEASE BRING A DARS TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. The advisors are unable to help you without it. You do not need an appointment for drop-in advising; office locations and drop-in hours are listed below each advisor’s name.
Please note that Cielle Charron and Kristine Evans are the only advisors available during Summer 2021

Kristine Evans

Summer 2021 appointments available
Kristine Evans is an artist, illustrator and educator creating narrative-image work.
She is available as an advisor to Art Practice and Graphic Design students.
Meetings are currently remote via Zoom.

Cielle Charron

Summer 2021 appointments available

Cielle is an instructor in the Graphic Design program and advises students going through the Sophomore Portfolio Review. Her office is in AB 127.

She will be using Zoom for her drop-in and by-appointment advising via this link: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/6876475951

Junghee Lee

Junghee Lee teaches Asian Art History and is an advisor for Art History students. Her office is in 310F.

Prof. Lee is not advising during Summer 2021

Alberto McKelligan-Hernandez

Alberto McKelligan-Hernadez research interests include modern and contemporary art from Latin America, particularly Mexico, as well as the development of feminist art in different geographic contexts. He is also the Art History Area Coordinator.

Prof. McKelligan-Hernández is not advising during Summer 2021.

He will be holding his advising appointments and drop-in hours via Zoom: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/2769648714.

Jesse Locker

Jesse Locker teaches Italian Renaissance & Baroque art. He is an advisor for Art History students. His office is in the Art Building, Room 310A.

Prof. Locker is not advising during Summer 2021.

For drop-ins and appointments, please use this Zoom link: https://pdx.zoom.us/my/jesselocker

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Kate is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design and is happy to help you navigate your way through the exciting (and sometimes confusing) world of internships & jobs, graphic design classes, and connecting with the community both inside and outside the School of Art + Design. Kate’s office is located in the Art Building in the Art Office, 110A.

Kate is not available for advising during Summer 2021.

Thom Hines

Thom Hines specializes in Interaction Design and is an advisor for Graphic Design students and Sophomore Portfolio Review. His office is in the Art Annex, Room 155.

All appointments will be via this Zoom link:  https://psu.gd/thomsroom/.

Meredith James

Meredith James is an advisor for Graphic Design students. Her area of focus is centered around research and theory. Her office is in the Art Building, Room 154C (in the Art Annex).

Meredith is not doing advising Spring 2021.

Briar Levit

Briar Levit is a print designer focusing on book and publication design. She is the area coordinator for Graphic Design and an advisor for design students. Her office is in the Art Building, Room 121.

For appointments and drop-in, please meet at Briar’s Zoom: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/5883462369

Sean Schumacher

Sean teaches courses in Graphic Design and co-teaches A+D Projects. Sean’s office is in AB 126.

All appointments and drop-ins will be conducted over Zoom: psu.gd/seansroom.

Horia Boboia

Horia Boboia is an Art Practices advisor with a focus in Painting and the BFA program. His office is in FMH 215.

Please use this link for appointments with Horia: https://pdx.zoom.us/my/office.boboia.

Eleanor Erskine.

Eleanor H. Erskine is an artist/ printmaker/ educator whose works on paper are in private and public collections locally, nationally & internationally. She is an advisor for Art Practices students. Her office (SH 143) is in Shattuck Hall inside the Printmaking studios (SH 146).

Appointments and drop-ins will be via Zoom: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/3713951010.

Harrell Fletcher

Harrell Fletcher is the Director and advisor for the Art & Social Practice MFA program. His office is in the Art Building, Room 310J.

Harrell’s Spring 2021 drop-in advising will be Wednesdays from 3 PM - 4 PM via Zoom: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/7515022381

Scheduled appointments will be via Google Meets. A link will be included in your calendar invite, reminder, and confirmation emails.

Erik Geschke

Erik Geschke is a sculptor and coordinator for the BFA program. He advises BFA students and Art Practice students with a focus in sculpture. His office is in FMH 214.

Michelle Illuminato

M. Michelle Illuminato is a socially-engaged artist who creates books, sculptures, and events. She is the Head of CORE and teaches sculpture, ideation, social practice, and pedagogy in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. She advises students in CORE and Art Practice. Her office is located in AB 310C.

Please use this link at your scheduled time or during her drop-in hour: https://pdx.zoom.us/my/illuminato.

Please schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

Lisa Jarrett

Lisa Jarrett is an advisor for 3rd and 4th year students in the BFA Art Practice program. Her office is in the Art Building, Room 123.

Advising appointments and drop-ins will be conducted via Zoom: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/4982590132

Julie Perini

Julie Perini is a video artist teaching video art courses. She is an advisor for Art Practice undergraduates and she coordinates the Time Arts minor. Her office is located in FMH 213.

Ralph Pugay

Ralph Pugay is the program coordinator for the MFA Studio Practice program. He mainly advises graduate students and prospective MFA students.

Appointments will be via Zoom: https://pdx.zoom.us/j/3306714228

Lis Charman

Lis Charman is the Director of the School of Art + Design and co-director of the Friendtorship program. As the Director, Lis does not do regular academic advising. Her office is AB 110D in the Art Office.

Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee is a designer and educator with experience in brand, motion, and interactive design. Past clients include AT&T, Gatorade, Google, IBM, and Nike. He has taught at a number of institutions both within the United States and abroad in India, Mexico, Spain, and Peru. He received an MFA in Graphic Design and Integrated Media from CalArts.

All appointments are available via this link: psu.gd/stephensroom

Shannon Kidd

Shannon Kidd is an adjunct professor of design, and is eager to help you build confidence and answer questions about Sophomore Portfolio Review, and help you figure out your next steps in your career!

Kathleen Barnett

Originally from South Florida, Kathleen is an editorial and print publication wizard in the NW. When not behind a screen, she goes for long hikes in places with no wifi.